Why Manik

We Drive Results through digital solutions

Why Manik MArketing?

 Our goal is to have the solutions to your business problems. We listen, we communicate, we answer when you call. We’re Awesome!

We have helped many businesses grow, generate leads and look great in the process. Web Design, Graphic Design, Branding or Social Media Marketing we have the tools to make your business stand out from your competitors.
Utilize our team to be your mini marketing department!



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Our Quick Response Guarantee

We don’t take weeks to respond and we don’t take a week to make a change on your website or marketing materials. When our clients reach out to us we take interest and get the job done no matter what. While we joke around, we take you and your business serious!

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Reasons To work
with Manik

We are a team that is working for you and your business on your marketing goals. Working with us, you know quality and professionalism you will receive!

We utilize the best software to get the job done for our clients.

Website tracking, social media analytics and more. We can show you exactly where your marketing budget is going, what works and what we should adjust.

We take our graphic design serious. You decided to work with us because you trust us telling your businesses story. We have the software, knowledge, and experience to take your ideas and make them visual. Our end goal is to make the end user do or feel something. Whether that be visit your site, visit your store, remember your brand, buy a product or make a phone call we help you get noticed and make that person perform an action. If you want it done correctly hire a professional!

We don’t have prepackaged cookie cutter plans because every business needs something different.

We like to look at your whole marketing picture and find where we can help.

Before we start we ask, “what are your goals?” Shooting blindly into the marketing scene and not knowing where your budget is going can be dangerous, and costly, lets sit down, work together and create an amazing marketing plan.

When we work with you on any project we will be there to answer questions, respond to concerns and help you with ongoing services. When we build a new website we work with you on keeping that site updated and moving in the right direction. If you need your logo, design or other files sent to a vendor just ask and you shall receive! We save all our work onsite and offsite. 

We promise we will never sell you something you do not need. We truly want to help grow your business the most effective and streamline way possible. We perform work in house in Louisville, Ky and are proud to be part of the Louisville area. Honesty and trust is what builds relationships and we strive to never have you doubt our team. 

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